Case Studies

Bioman Services LTD

Private Estate – Wiltshire

Bioman Services Ltd were called in to provide an independent view on why a 200kW Froling wood chip boiler was repeatedly failing following a reluctance of the original supplier to support the client insisting it was the fault of the wood chip.

Bioman reviewed the system design, the equipment specification and the wood fuel quality and concluded that there were issues wrong with the commissioning settings and incorrectly specified components within the wood feed system.

Parts were sourced under warranty from the original equipment manufacture and the system was recommissioned.

The wood chip was not to blame and the system is now operating efficiently.

The client has since placed a 3 year service contract to look after the system to include remote monitoring to ensure the scheme will operate to its best ability and maximise the RHI income.

Bioman Services LTD

City Council – England

Bioman Services Ltd is a framework supplier to a wide range of biomass boilers. Over six biomass systems cover a range of different sizes and manufacturers from 500kW Binder, 150kW Froling, 350kW ETA, and 50kW KWB operating on both wood chip and wood pellet fuels with walking floor boilers to simple stoker burners.

Bioman provide the holistic service contract approach to keep all plant operational and employs a preventative maintenance system to ensure a rolling commitment to the long term reduction of repairs and avoid unplanned call outs.

Monitoring systems and a thorough knowledge of what keeps a boiler operating for a long life are the key areas that enable Bioman to provide a cost effective service.

Bioman Services LTD

Major Facilities Management Provider – Wales Wide

Bioman Services has managed the operation of a portfolio of small scale biomass boilers for over 5 years under a contract whereby the targets for availability, efficiency and safety are a just some of the many key performance indicators that Bioman aims to maintain. Over a fleet of 7 boilers comprising Giles, Froling and Binder biomass boilers we have a 99% availability record over 5 years and have responded within 4 hours of a loss of heat event in every occasion.

The services includes identifying cost saving opportunities and presenting business cases for upgrades to systems under a continual improvement aim whereby many small projects have increased system efficiency to achieve a return on the investment.

This is all testament to the fact that just because a biomass plant attracts the Renewable Heat Incentive there is still reason that plant should be continually improved to increase the financial case and thus apply a higher level of service care and extend plant lifetime.

Bioman Services LTD

Housing Association – Swansea

A housing association had a 500kW pellet boiler installed but following a catalogue of problems the boiler repair and call out costs were making the boiler uneconomic to operate. Bioman Services Ltd carried out a boiler remediation which involved putting right incorrectly commissioned control parameters and repairing the failed items which were damaged as a consequence of the incorrect initial commissioning by the boiler installer.

Since the repairs and recommissioning the boiler has been functional and providing critical heating supply to the building.

Provision of:

Remediation / Service Contract / Remote Monitoring / Call out response time 4 hours

Bioman Services LTD

Eco Housing Development – Brighton

Bioman Service Ltd was first contracted to provide a service contract to a 500kW wood chip biomass boiler installed to provide heat to an award winning eco development of 170 residential apartments and commercial space. The service contract has involved a series of boiler changes, hydraulic system design and BMS control improvements to turn around a poorly functioning and costly heating system to become a truly low carbon development with cost effective communal heating supply.

 Provision of:

Remediation / Service Contract / Remote monitoring / RHI administration / Meter checking and verification

Bioman Services LTD

Poultry Farm – Gloucestershire

Bioman Services Ltd has provided specialist commissioning support for the installation of a 500kW ETA wood chip boiler that was installed by Clients site engineers. The contract provided design support, liaison with the mechanical contractors, flue installers, electricians and builders to ensure the system was installed correctly.

Support was given to the commissioning with other Biogas CHP plant and LPG boiler plant to serve the poultry farm heat demands.

Bioman is now contracted under a 3 year service contract with call out service and monitoring support.

Bioman Services LTD

Historical House – Gloucestershire

Bioman Services Ltd keeps the heat on for a large 16th Centrury Historical House and Events Venue. The site sources wood fuel from the estate and chips the wood fuel directly into the fuel store. A remote monitoring system allows Bioman Services to keep close eye on the function of a small district heating circuit and its biomass boiler.

Bioman Services LTD

Sawmill – Powys

A fencing post sawmill runs a series of wood kilns and wood chip driers all run by three biomass wood chip boilers across two sites. Bioman Services Ltd understands the competences of an industrial client that maintains much of its own complex sawmilling equipment and has adjusted its service offering to ensure that the main plant is operating efficiently and serviced within the terms of the warranties.

Bioman Services Ltd provided training on the routine service requirements and provides a remote support for overall plant maintenance. The in-depth knowledge of the equipment on site allows much of the optimisation support to be delivered without call out costs.

NHS Trust

Bioman Services Ltd provides a maintenance contract for an NHS Trust to look after their two wood chip boilers comprising a 1.2MW ram stoker boiler and a 500kW walking floor boiler. These were two boilers that had previously failed to achieve their designed contribution to the Trusts CO2 saving targets. Bioman have implemented a programme of control and mechanical updates to enable the systems to provide a reliable source of renewable heat.

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