Bioman Services LTD

2.5MW Biomass District Heating

Bioman provides service and maintenance and specialist response for a biomass boiler energy centre that supplies and large residential district heating system. Services cover the equipment from the overhead wood chip feed system, chain and flight conveyors, step grate furnace, boiler, air pre-heater, cyclones, ESP (Electro Static Precipitator) and through to the thermal stores and pumps.


Bioman Services LTD

Rural Biomass District Heating

Bioman provides a full service and maintenance provision for a rural heat network that comprises 1MW of Biomass Froling boilers, thermal stores, back-up oil boilers and district heat circuits that supply heat to hotels, houses and offices. The responsibilities extend to all network water quality, network controls and the service of the substations in each of the 28 connected buildings.

Bioman provides ongoing support in the extension of the network to add additional buildings and commissioning checks to ensure heat is being distributed efficiently.

Bioman Services LTD

Eco Housing Development

Bioman provide a full plant room service contract to an eco housing development of 170 residential apartments and commercial space. The services cover the 500kW wood pellet biomass boiler, back up gas boiler, thermal stores, heat exchangers, network pumps and BMS controls. The service contract also covers cold water systems, flues, risers and electrical systems.

Bioman Services LTD

Local Authority

Bioman Services Ltd provides service contracts to wide range of biomass boilers within a Local Authority energy asset portfolio. Over six biomass systems cover a range of different sizes and manufacturers such as 1MW Froling, 500kW Binder, 150kW Froling, 350kW ETA, and 50kW KWB operating on both wood chip and wood pellet fuels with walking floor boilers to simple stoker burners.

Bioman provide the holistic service contract approach to keep all plant operational and employs a preventative maintenance system to ensure a rolling commitment to the long term reduction of repairs and avoid unplanned call outs.

Monitoring systems and a thorough knowledge of what keeps a boiler operating for a long life are the key areas that enable Bioman to provide a cost effective service.

Bioman Services LTD

NHS Trust

Bioman Services Ltd provides a maintenance contract for an NHS Trust to look after their two wood chip boilers; a 1.2MW ram stoker boiler and a 500kW walking floor boiler. These two boilers were not achieving their designed contribution to the Trusts CO2 saving targets. Bioman implemented a programme of control and mechanical updates to enable the systems to provide a reliable source of renewable heat. Long term service and maintenance contracts allow Bioman to invest in the processes to aim for long term availability of the assets.

Bioman Services LTD

Facilities Management Provider

Bioman Services manages the operation of a portfolio of small scale biomass boilers for over 5 years under a contract whereby the targets for availability, efficiency and safety are a just some of the many key performance indicators that Bioman aims to maintain. Over a fleet of 7 boilers comprising Giles, Froling, ETA and Binder biomass boilers.

The services includes identifying cost saving opportunities and presenting business cases for upgrades to systems under a continual improvement aim whereby many small projects have increased system efficiency to achieve a return on the investment.

Bioman Services LTD


Bioman Services has been providing support services to large step grate boiler at a sawmill. The wood chip residues originate from a variety of sources and can change over time. Bioman provides service and maintenance and commissioning services for the biomass boiler and down stream auxiliary boilers, heat meters and control systems.

Bioman Services LTD

Housing Association

A housing association had a 500kW pellet boiler installed but following a catalogue of problems the boiler repair and call out costs were making the boiler uneconomic to operate. Bioman Services Ltd carried out a boiler remediation which involved putting right incorrectly commissioned control parameters and repairing the failed items which were damaged as a consequence of the incorrect initial commissioning by the boiler installer. Bioman provides ongoing service and maintenance services to the boiler which has been the primary heat supply to the 170 dwellings over the last 5 years.


Bioman Services LTD

Private Estate with Small Network

Bioman Services Ltd were called in to provide an independent view on why a 200kW Froling wood chip boiler was repeatedly failing following a reluctance of the original supplier to support the client insisting it was the fault of the wood chip.

Bioman reviewed the system design, the equipment specification and the wood fuel quality and concluded that there were issues wrong with the commissioning settings and incorrectly specified components within the wood feed system.

Parts were sourced under warranty from the original equipment manufacture and the system was recommissioned. The wood chip was not to blame and the system is now operating efficiently.

The client has since placed a 3 year service contract to look after the full plant room and network.

Bioman Services LTD

Poultry Farm

Bioman Services Ltd has provided specialist commissioning support for the installation of a 500kW ETA wood chip boiler to provide heat to a number of poultry houses. The contract provided support to integrate other heat sources from a Biogas CHP plant and back up LPG boilers.

Bioman is now contracted under a 3 year service contract with call out service and monitoring support.

Bioman Services LTD

Historical House and Events Venue

Bioman Services Ltd keeps the heat on for a large 16th Century Historical House and Events Venue. The site sources wood fuel from the estate and chips the wood fuel directly into the fuel store. A remote monitoring system allows Bioman Services to keep close eye on the function of a small district heating circuit, the biomass boiler and back up oil boilers.

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