Correct biomass boiler commissioning is essential to achieve efficient operation, best financial and CO2 savings and ensure the lifetime of the boiler is maximised.

Bioman services have extensive experience in correctly commissioning biomass boilers. Our experience is based on fundamental solid fuel combustion theory and practice. Our engineers have set up multi-megawatt furnaces, designed boiler systems, completed qualified training by boiler manufacturers and written control software for biomass boilers.

A summary of what we cover in our commissioning services:

  • Calibration of air flow and fuel flow ratios
  • Feed system adjustment
  • Emissions control for compliance
  • Optimise combustion efficiency
  • Set boiler water flow rates
  • Buffer control settings
  • Secondary system flow commissioning
  • Heat, hot water and process heating system commissioning
  • Back up and auxiliary boiler control
  • BMS commissioning
  • Heat meter verification

We carry professional calibrated flue gas analysis equipment, flow meters, heat meter and pump commissioning software.

Biomass boilers we support